A Little About Us

We wanted to find a career that would allow us to be our own bosses and control our financial future. We looked for a career path that would allow us to travel (our passion) and explore outside of our world in Texas. Taking the time to sit down with you (the homeowner) and do some critical thinking to find out what the best option is for you is what we are here for (even if we don’t buy your house we will point you in the right direction/resources)

A quick back story on Third Mile Service. After coming back from Djibouti, Africa with the military I made a decision to start my own “We Buy Houses” company. Fast forward a month after I started Third Mile Service Nelda came along and we have been happily together for a little over a year. Our biggest pride and joy is owner financing to those who do not qualify for a traditional bank loan to purchase a home. Yes, we do the “HGTV” where we come in and completely bring life a completely beaten down-home but that’s second to none when it comes to giving people their keys to their new home.

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